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Time out

In 2010 John and I had a mini break in the Lake District, staying next to a farm in the middle of nowhere. On our last day we went up to ‘Surprise View’ which overlooks Derwentwater, and John asked me to marry him. I’d thought he’d been a bit possessive over the backpack while weContinue reading “Time out”

About Matthew

I did posts about each of the girls and their personalities some time ago and have meant to do one on Matthew but never quite got round to it until now, which probably sums up his experience really – we have good intentions but as the youngest he definitely does get forgotten about sometimes! EvenContinue reading “About Matthew”

Katie on school

I wrote a couple of weeks ago that my application for an EHC assessment for Katie was rejected (on the basis that she’s doing fine academically – no mention of social or emotional difficulties). I have put in an appeal and am now waiting on the outcome of that. As some additional evidence I satContinue reading “Katie on school”

Thinking ahead

So….secondary school is a topic that’s on my mind a lot at the moment. Katie will be starting secondary school in September 2023 so there’s still a fair bit of time to go, but we will need to apply to whichever school she ends up going to in October this year. That still gives usContinue reading “Thinking ahead”

Tis the season

We had a 3 day Christmas this year – I love Christmas for seeing family and spending time together but I’ve read a lot about how difficult and overwhelming it can be for neurodiverse people (not just autistics). This year we spent Christmas Day with my mum and step dad, stayed the night at theirContinue reading “Tis the season”

Post natal depression

Literally everyone told us that having the first baby was the difficult part because your life completely changes. By the time you have the second one you’re already parents, you already know what it’s like. You’re used to sleepless nights, you know about feeding, you’ve been through teething, exploding nappies and baby sick. I hadContinue reading “Post natal depression”


A couple of years ago (ish) when it was first suggested that Katie might be autistic, I was told to book myself onto a parenting course (or courses) because if we got as far as CAMHS that would be their first recommendation so it would help if we’d already done it. I signed up toContinue reading “Boost”


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